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Situated in Andover, Hampshire, Test Valley Aikido is a small club with both male and female instructors that prides itself on its friendly atmosphere - see our bio page for details on our instructors. Students aged 19+ of any martial arts experience and physical condition are welcome.


Aikido is a relatively modern martial art, developed mainly in the early to mid 1900s as an offshoot of aiki-jujistu. In as simple terms as possible, it aims to blend with and then control an opponents attack, instead of blocking or fighting against it, ending the movement either with throwing the opponent away or by making use of joint locks to immobilise them.


We are based at the Andover Martial Arts and Fitness Club, Unit 20, Brunel Gate, West Portway Industrial Estate, Andover, SP10 4BU - see map below.


Every Thursday night, 8 to 9.30 pm.

And how much

  • Your first class is free.
  • Individual classes are then £8 each, or £7.50 each if paid for in blocks of four (so £30). If paying upfront, this 'credit' is only used when you actually attend.
  • An annual membership fee of £36 is due after the third class you attend.
  • Gi (training uniform) is £35.
  • Grading fees start with your second grading at £5, and increase by £5 with each additional grading. Grading fees are only charged for successful gradings.

Interested in attending? Use our contact form to get in touch or just turn up at the next class.

If you are coming along to take part, wear something loose and comfortable - t-shirt and tracksuit trousers (or similar) is fine.

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