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Test Valley Aikido Club

The club itself has existed in a number of forms for over 10 years, providing aikido instruction to Andover and the surrounding area. The club is a member of Aikido for Daily Life, a national association of independent aikido clubs, and, through Aikido for Daily Life, the club is also a member of the British Aikido Board, the national body recognised by Sport England.

Andy Devereux-Cooke

Lead Instructor

Andy has been practicing Aikido since 1995 and was awarded Black Belt, 4th Dan in 2011. He has also held the British Aikido Board's Coach Level One qualification and has been teaching since 2004.

Initially attracted to Aikido due to the strong cooperative aspect of training, he has continued studying Aikido because "there is always something to improve, there is always another level to aim at in my own practice", additionally he says, "while it may now be a cliche, but I do agree with the idea that teaching a subject opens up an entirely new opportunity for the teacher to learn themselves".

A sufferer of ME (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis), which severely restricts his energy, he has been able to continue to teach due to aikido's focus on being as efficient as possible.

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Anita Lim


Biography coming soon!

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Tim Bamford


Biography and picture coming soon!

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Legacy videos

We had these videos produced quite some time ago. They don't really represent how we do things at the club any more but we include them for reference.